A Book Everybody Should Read

In March, while rehearsing in Miami, a friend lent me a copy of a book, Einstein’s Dreams, by Alan Lightman. I had not heard of it, nor could I discern much from its title or blurb, and that made me all the more intrigued.
Reading it took a matter of days. Alan Lightman lays out Einstein’s theory of relativity in three-page chapters, from where he provides a different scenario, each of which centres on the same question: ‘What if time existed like this?’
What if everyone lived forever? What if we only had one day to live? What if time acted differently from town to town? What happens after universe ends? All of these and more are questions myself and many others have asked ourselves, in bath, or in bed, but are too shy to ask the questions aloud. Here, in this 150-page novella, questions are met with more questions, with tantalising, simple, and effective imagery.
It’s fiction, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it a ‘story’. I would call it an experience. I went through such a metaphysical journey, from one thought-provoking chapter to another, and it was so wonderful to see the possibilities already conceptualised in my head fleshed out and expanded upon. It was heavy to read but very short in length, and impossible to put down. I promise that if you turn past the front page, you will not find a way back.
This is the best book I have read to date, and I have already recommended it to many. Please, if you have a moment, delve into this book, and experience a concept you will never forget.

Author: shaunmendum

I am a professional dancer, and aspiring choreographer and writer. I love the freedom to create entire worlds in my head, and to give them life on paper.

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