New Work!

I’ve written a short play! Next Stop: Zurich will be performed as part of the Colour House Scratch Night, at the Colour House Theatre in Wimbledon on Friday 13th October 2017.

Tickets are only £3, and will sell out fast!

For interested readers, here’s a brief snippet from the play, the opening monologue:

She rides through valleys caked in diamond hue,
Stirring hot chocolate with gutful anxiety,
For no determination could prepare
Her for the point of no return. By Spring,
Pastures, laden with pink tulips, scented
Heavy as Tudor roses. By Winter,
The vineyard hides under frozen tears.
Next stop, resplendent shimmer in whitewashed brick;
Cobbled street and pastel corner-shop.
Banners and proverbial picket signs
Maintain this façade of sheltering peace, that
Their warless bunker is politically free,
Yet here we are, en route to a silent
Killer, a poison-tipped needle in
A clinical white haystack, veiled behind
This pall of classical culture.
Its anaesthetic embrace coats the skin;
Gnaws the flesh and congeals tentative touch,
As your gaze blurs out of time, and memory,
And thought. But who will sign the aftermath?
Who jots from fountain pen an approval?
Me. Did you ever think of that? Next stop,
A means to a grey-zoned end. Release me!
“To sleep,” she says, “perchance to dream – Ay, there’s the rub.”
To end embraced by the white-cloaked cherub.
To live with dignity, to…
(TOM falls back in to the present, staring out the window, all jolt as the
carriage bursts into life)

Author: shaunmendum

I am a professional dancer, and aspiring choreographer and writer. I love the freedom to create entire worlds in my head, and to give them life on paper.

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